Introducing American Indican Terpene Profile Kits
American Indican organic terpene profiles are the perfect way to enhance, share, and broaden your cannabis love!

Welcome To American Indican UK

Founded in 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, American Indican™ became established as a lifestyle brand that holds a cannabis-themed approach to life. Personified through hemp-centric lifestyle accessories and products defined by quality and transparency. The United States of America cultivates the most dank and robust cannabis plants on the planet; American Indican™ is the embodiment of appreciation for one of these high potency strains.

American Indican™ is now making waves in the UK market with a range of cannabis inspired terpenes and UK compliant, broad spectrum CBD, hemp derived gummies designed to complement all facets of life, that are now available for wholesale orders and enquiries.

Providing high quality CBD products to the U.S and the U.K

The Cannabis Lover’s Choice

As cannabis connoisseurs, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our personal lives with the highest quality, legal hemp and plant derived products. We set out on a personal quest to create a connoisseur grade, Terpene and hemp CBD product line with no equal.

American Indican™ carefully selects cannabis inspired, terpene profiles to provide innate and unique strain-specific flavours and experiences. To ensure quality, consistency, and beneficial sustainability, we insist on using only organic, plant derived terpenes for all our cannabis inspired terpene profiles rather than commonly used food grade or synthetic terpenes.

Lastly, our 0.0%THC, broad spectrum CBD gummies are represented by transparent certificates of analysis issued by ADACT MEDICAL Labs – Europe’s largest compliance agency. We at American Indican™ find comfort in these lab reports in that they definitively display our product’s consistency, strength, purity, and composition. Full data sheets are also available for each of our terpene profiles.

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