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The United States of America cultivates the most dank and robust hemp CBD plants on the planet; American Indican is the embodiment of appreciation for one of these high potency strains.

In 2016 from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, American Indican became established as a lifestyle brand that holds a cannabis-themed approach to life. Personified through hemp-centric life accessories and defined by quality and transparency, American Indican proudly develops and offers only terpene powered, broad spectrum CBD, hemp derived products designed to complement all facets of life.

Courtesy of our plant genetics and proprietary, CO2 extraction technology, the potency and purity of our hemp extract has easily achieved UK CBD compliance allowing us to share our terpene powered, broad spectrum CBD, hemp products internationally!


As cannabis connoisseurs, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our personal lives with the highest quality, legal hemp products. After finding only weak and unaccountable CBD options that continuously fell short of our personal standards, we set out on a personal quest to create a connoisseur grade, hemp CBD product line with no equal.

American Indican proudly presents our terpene powered, broad spectrum CBD tincture formulas. Our broad spectrum CBD, hemp extract heralds from a non-GMO pedigree and is farmed only for its robust CBD extract potency. Plant genetics consist of a proprietary, hybridized, hemp strain that is nurtured in metals-free, Colorado soil and cultivated by pesticide-free, organic farming methods. Once harvested, American Indican relies on a proprietary, Super Critical CO2 method to preserve the highest amount of the plant’s natural potency during extraction. The result is a 0.0%THC, broad spectrum, plant extract so potent that our extract driven, terpene powered, broad spectrum CBD products provide measurable personal experiences!

American Indican carefully selects cannabis derived, terpene profiles known in agricultural science to provide innate and unique strain-specific flavours and experiences. These cannabis derived, organic terpene profiles are compounded with our robust, hemp CBD extract creating our terpene powered, broad spectrum CBD tincture formulas for the most targeted user experience.

To ensure quality, consistency, and beneficial sustainability, we insist on using only organic, plant derived terpenes for all our cannabis derived terpene profiles rather than commonly used food grade or synthetic terpenes. Additionally, our terpene power provides a natural way to eliminate the distaste intrinsic to a true plant derived, hemp CBD extract. Our goal is to develop and share broad spectrum CBD products of the highest quality, standards, and transparency with like-minded consumers.

Please visit one of our exclusive, authorized retailers to experience our premium, 0.0%THC, terpene powered, broad spectrum CBD product line.

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American Indican’s terpene powered, broad spectrum CBD product line is anchored by our proprietary, hemp genetics cultivated and distributed in full compliance with the State of Colorado, including full federal compliance with §7606 of the 2014 U.S. Farm Bill.

Additionally, our CBD-rich hemp extract is tested, processed, and manufactured in the state of Colorado using GMP, NSF, & ISO certified regulatory processes ensuring consistency, potency, and purity. We pride ourselves in implementing industry-leading practices that enable us to offer the highest quality of hemp derived products in the USA.

Lastly, each of our 0.0%THC, broad spectrum CBD products is proud to be represented by transparent certificates of analysis issued by ADACT MEDICAL Labs – Europe’s largest compliance agency. We at American Indican™ find comfort in these lab reports in that they definitively display our product’s consistency, strength, purity, and composition. American Indican™ is proud to offer the most robust, active CBD volumes available.

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