Our Story

Our Story

Our journey began over 20 years ago when Mom was given life changing information. With an extremely short time to react and with the existing management methods slowly working against her, we as a family had to do something. After many considerations, the decision to try cannabis was made. To our devoutly religious and conservative family’s amazement, her decision has turned out to be one of the best decisions she has ever made. To this day, she relies on American Indican!

After becoming educated on the relevance of cannabinoids and terpenes, our journey began. Months of research inside and out of academia and countless conversations with cultivators, numerous professionals at many levels, testing labs, and other people with the same physical, life changing definitives, we learned the paramount components of a premium CBD product. What we learned is that ONLY an organically grown, plant-derived CBD source can provide the necessary foundational component (extract) necessary for a truly healthy, CBD regimen; and only a plant derived source can provide an active, full or broad spectrum CBD benefit to the end-user. A synthesized, isolate-driven CBD product will inherently provide only a fraction of benefit due to the inadvertent potency loss incurred while synthesizing extract into isolate. After all, if it’s not full or broad spectrum to the end-user then what good is it?

Wisdom in hand, we went on a hunt for commercially available CBDs that met these paramount expectations – WE FOUND NONE. Instead, we found only isolate-driven recreational products, nothing directly plant-derived. In turn, this “A-ha” moment led us to begin the search for a suitable CBD source; mom needs it!

After months of scouring research, we located a Colorado farm growing just what we were looking for – a purpose-cultivated, naturally high-CBD/low-THC hemp strain providing extremely high potency CBD levels. A successful and rigorous scientific, legal, and business vetting process ensued. The positive vetting outcome and numerous successful, independent CBD trials only confirmed that we continue formulating American Indican’s 0.0%THC, terpene powered CBD formulations that truly offer maximum, broad spectrum benefit to the end user.

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